“I have gained a sense of hope from the course and have met lots of people that I know I will stay in touch with. Suzanne has been so helpful in the way she explained things.”

“This course has provided me with knowledge and understanding about the illness, symptoms and how important it is to communicate with our loved ones in an appropriate manner. I am not so angry but more understanding.”

“The course trainers have been absolutely fantastic. They were helpful and always willing to listen and offer guidance and help. They actually understand what we go through every day which many mental health care providers don’t.”

“I am more aware of the importance of access to meaningful activities to improve recovery”

“I hope that everybody who lives and cares for someone with mental ill health could go on this course.”

“The course has made me think about drawing a line under the past and starting afresh.”

“The course teachers worked very hard and were very supportive, approachable and always willing to help.”

“I am more informed about the recovery process and the importance of holding hope.”