Our Vision

  • To provide carers with accurate information about the major mental health disorders that affect the adult population – including psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, mood disorders e.g. depression and bipolar disorder and the anxiety disorders e.g. generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks
  • To provide up to date information from qualified professionals on medication and therapies available
  • To involve service users to educate carers about the inner experience
  • To educate carers in the concepts of the Recovery Model and how it is influencing current policy and treatment in mental health provision.
  • To support carers to recognise their own emotional reactions throughout the various stages of caring for a “loved one” with a mental health problem
  • To impart skills for providing care for their “loved one” including communication, problem solving, managing the day to day, crisis planning and relapse prevention
  • To support carers to develop “self care tools” including instruction on how to build a self care plan and the importance of and engagement with supportive organisations
  • This is achieved through our training course for carers