Supportive Family Training

Supportive Family Training is a comprehensive course which is delivered in two hour weekly sessions over seven weeks.

We are preparing for another course later in the year – so watch this space!

The course is regularly adapted and refined based on feedback from carers and is continually evolving to take into account changes in mental health policy and practice and approaches to recovery.

Supportive Family Training aims

  • To work with carers in understanding the recovery process and their role in supporting the service user.
  • To introduce/re-introduce the development of coping skills to ensure a balance between caring responsibilities and a life outside.
  • To improve information available to families and carers of people with mental health problems.
  • To encourage carers to consider their own well-being (physical, spiritual and mental) through discussion, reflection and time in order to consider available options.
  • To encourage carers to engage with each other for mutual support and learning and to widen their support network.
  • To liaise closely with Barnet Carers to ensure that follow up support is available.

Sessions will cover:

  • Understanding mental health and the individual recovery journey of each service user(including sessions with service users and mental health professionals)
  • Practical sessions on communication skills and problem solving strategies enabling carers to better communicate with the service user and mental health professionals
  • Practical sessions on developing a self care plan and strategies for dealing with a crisis
  • Throughout the course we aim to enable carers to develop sharing and support skills to use on the course and thereafter
  • Ensuring carers are informed about other sources of support (emotional and financial) for both themselves and the service user